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  1. Our Service of Professionally Beautifying Your Photos
  2. Information & Statistics for Selling Your House
Let us show you how we can make Your Digital Pictures look like they were taken by a $3000 camera!

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You pay nothing unless you LOVE the new images!!!

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Selling Checklist:

1. Pictures - Grab the hearts of potential buyers!

Our team is really good at this, and we know that with a couple of amazing photos, potential buyers will have no choice but to fall in love with your house the same way you did!

We'll beautify the pictures of your house and if (and only if) you love the way that we make your house look, here are the prices you will pay:

One Picture - $0 (Reg. $29)    *Limited Time
   Great for your main photograph on any house listing site!

Five Picture + Website Package - $99 (Reg. $149)    *Limited Time
   Give all of your listing pictures a professional touch they will fall in love with!

Ten Package + Website Package - $149 (Reg $249)    *Limited Time
   Ten pictures framed in your own website and complete with flash slideshow!

Printed Material - Get A Quote
   Sign-up and submit your pictures, no fee is taken at this time, we will edit all or some of your photos depending on the order size, after which you will be able to see a smaller watermarked rendition. If you like what we have done, submit your payment and you will receive your edited images and/or website. All modifications are made ethically, it's making the picture look as it would with the ideal camera in the ideal lighting. We don't remove permanent objects, but can remove temporary objects for an additional fee. See our terms and conditions for more details.

2. "How To Sell My House" - Information and Statistics

Do you know how you will sell your house? How much you will sell it for? Where you will list your house?

Read through our three steps to selling your home:

Step 1 - Research
   How much should I sell my house for?
   What are houses selling for in my area?
   Should I sell my house myself or have a realtor sell it?
   How would I sell my house without a realtor?
   How can I find a good realtor?
   Can I sell my house online?
Step 2 - Prepare
   Get yourself ready to sell
   Get you house ready to sell
   Making Repairs To Your House

Step 3 - Sell
   Making your house sell
   How to advertise your house for sale

The goal of these steps is not to tell you how to do it, but to lay out some facts and web statistics to help you decide the way you want to sell your house, and when you decide, to help you get the most out of your decision.

These are big decisions, but at least you know where to go to make your house photos look beautiful !

Best of luck to you!

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